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Companies operating in the food and beverage industry, in order to be competitive, have to adapt, evolve and embrace the green and digital transition; this is possible by using a smart and interconnected production system, made of plants of the latest generation.

SMI offers a wide range of bottling and packaging solutions that, thanks to the digital intelligence with which they are equipped, can benefit from SMYIOT platform to collect, check, analyze and evaluate the machine working data. Such operations are carried out with a view to sustainability and man-machine synergy.

Some examples of what is mentioned above can be found in the case histories in the new issue of SMI NOW magazine, which, starting from this edition, will be available in digital version only, in order to adopt smart and environmentally sustainable solutions even in terms of marketing and communication.

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SMINOW 2024/28
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The industry challenge to be more competitive.

Driven by the needs of a market that requires increasingly efficient, sustainable, flexible and compact production plants, at SMI we never stop studying, designing and realizing new packaging solutions.


In the heart of the Ligurian Alps flows the pure water bottled by Santa Vittoria Srl, an Italian excellence that continuously invests in cutting-edge technologies, as shown by the new 25,000 bottles/hour complete line supplied by SMI and ENOBERG.

(South Africa)

In Durban, excellence and innovation perfectly merge. Blendcor (Pty) Ltd, joint venture between Shell and BP, for the packaging in wrap-around cases of 5 L containers of lubricant oil, adopts technologies of the latest generation, such as the LWP ERGON carton packer and the DV 500 ERGON divider.


In an enchanting and pristine environment rich in water springs in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, the company Fonte Platina invests in innovative solutions such as the EBS 4 K ERGON stretch-blow moulder, recently supplied by SMI for the production of 0.31 L and 0.51 L PET bottles.

with 90° single-lane infeed

Versatile, compact and easy-to-use machines to pack cylindrical and shaped containers of different formats in several pack configurations.

The new range includes:

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SMI manufactures automated, ergonomic, user-friendly plants, capable of interconnecting in digital networks. This allows to enhance the production flexibility and efficiency thanks to the monitoring and analysis of machine performance and consumption, meeting the current criteria of Industry 4.0 and the new ones of Industry 5.0.

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To have further information on the bottling and packaging solutions supplied by SMI, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.


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